Textbook Companions (TBC) for Academics

To understand the fundamental concepts in your syllabi through a practical approach and to learn Python with coded examples, we bring to you the ‘Textbook Companions’.


  • Available for multiple Science and Engineering domains.

  • More than 500 standard engineering textbooks coded in Python

  • Download for free or explore the codes online

  • Helps in learning numerical and scientific computing.

Click on the link to access all the available Textbook Companions.

To select the desired Textbook Companion:

  1. Select the desired engineering domain from “Select a category” drop down list.
  2. List of books available under the selected category will be displayed.
  3. Click on the title of a book that you would like to explore.
  4. Click on the chapter names displayed to access the program/code.
  5. You can use this code either on the iPython notebook interface or by downloading locally in your system.

Additional Search features:

  1. You can also search for your desired book, code, functions, examples, etc. at this link

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