Python Self Learning Course

Welcome to Python Self Learning Course

    About this Course:

    • It is a online course offered by the FOSSEE team at IIT Bombay.
    • Students can gain hands-on experience in Python through a series of practice sessions and quizzes.
    • It is open to all, interested in learning Python irrespective of their academic background.
    • The course is designed and curated by Prof.Prabhu Ramachandran, Dept. Of Aerospace Engineering, IIT Bombay).
    • Graded e-certificates are issued to participants on successful completion of the course.
    • Queries/ doubts posted by participants on the FORUMS are answered by FOSSEE’s Python experts.
    • Certificates are issued within 10days after the course has ended.

    Course Instructions:

    • Register on Yaksh and search for the course Basic Programming using Python('duration') by FOSSEE IIT Bombay using the course code


    • Access the “Enrolled Courses” tab to start the course
    • Complete all the lessons, exercises and quizzes in a module and then proceed to the next module.
    • If needed, revisit lessons for better understanding


    • The course will be open for about one and half month (Approximately the participant can devote an hour each day or 3 hours per day on weekends to complete the course)
    • The course will start on the 1st day of every month and closes in the mid of next month(Eg: starts at 1st Feb closes at 15th March)

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National Mission on Education through ICT
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