TBC Testimonials

I had learnt Python with the help of my friend and using internet. But still I did not get it completely. I am on the way.
Obviously I have benefited from the ineternship.
I was looking for such a plan which can improve my knowledge and as well as economically.

Rahul Garg Student, Department of Electronics and Communication engineering Gurgaon College of Engineering(Gurgaon) Textbook Companion:

  1. Basic Electronics and Linear Circuits
  2. Fundamentals Of Electronic Devices
  3. Operational Amplifiers and Linear Integrated Circuit

Being a teacher, I could learnt a lot and implement the things learnt during my teaching Instrumentation and Process Control and practicals too.

Chandrashekhar Gourshete
Lecturer (Selection Grade)
Department of Chemical Technology
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University(Aurangabad)
Textbook Companion: Transport Processes and Unit Operations

I got to learn Python for the very first time thanks to this wonderful initiative undertaken by FOSSEE. My learning was from standard textbooks available on the web. My interest in Python programming increased gradually as I started the project. This project has given me valuable experience. At the same time, it has enabled me to contribute to open-source in a meaningful way.

Mahesh M
Student, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Indraprastha University(New Delhi)
Textbook Companion:
Practical C Programming

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