TBC Testimonials

I have benefitted a lot from this python internship and learnt several new concepts in python.

Raghav RV
Student, Department of Electronics and Communication engineering
Sri Venkateswara College Of Engineering(Tamil Nadu)
Textbook Companion: Fundamentals of Data Structures in C++

I find Python much easier than any other language. Its easy to learn and code.
I learnt Python from tutorials available on Internet.
Yes, i have learned many things from this internship like plotting graphs, function call etc.

Hetal Rathod
Student, Department of Aerospace Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology(Bombay)
Textbook Companion: Fundamentals of engineering thermodynamics

I learned the basics of python at my summer internship at a company last year.
Benefited from the internship : I got to know some more python libraries which improved my grip on the python language.

Pankaj Goyal
Student, Department of Aerospace Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology(Bombay)
Textbook Companion:

  1. Electrical Circuit Theory And Technology
  2. Basic Electrical Engineering with Numerical Problems

My prior knowledge in C and C++ languages helped me a lot in learning the python.
Also syntaxes in python are comparably easy so it didn't took much time to learn them.
One of the important source for learning python was internet.
This internship provided me a perfect platform and environment to learn python.
It helped me to incorporate both my ideas and practical work skills to the best.
Especially,those concepts of C which are not present in python gave me an awesome experience.
Moreover, experience gained from it will make me capable of
facing and overcoming the upcoming challenges under its applications.
Sir,You have full permission to publish my feedback.

Ramgopal Pandey
Student, Department of Computer Engineering
Textbook Companion: Ansi C Programming

Its a pleasure to get a message from your end after so long.
Python FOSSEE Textbook Companion Project is probably the best way to get one's hand done on python coding.
The program was a great experience and I really have a special place in my heart for it.
Python was not a part of our university curriculum, but I was always fascinated by it.
So I decided to learn it from web(written,video tutorials).
I learned python during winters 2012 and was constantly looking for something to practice my skills on.
I used to take part in coding hackthons but C/C++/JAVA were my primary weapons(py was kinda alien language for me back then).
One day I found myself landed on FOSSEE website and it took me no more time to decide that "yes, this is what I was looking for".
The overall experience was great and IIT-B was so generous to award an impressive stipend.
I coded the book in the spirit of opensource and wasnt expecting this much for the little contribution from my part.
Other than the stipend, a certificate and CC license(for work I ported),
I got a memorable experience with python coding and an opportunity to work on ipython-notebook.
I would suggest FOSSEE to have an IRC channel(if its not there) because there
were times when I used to have minor doubts and mailing the team for small issues was kinda immature.
Rest apart, the program is a great opportunity and I would love to be a part of it in near future.
I owe a lot from FOSSEE and would also like to volunteer for activities.

Nalin Chibber
Student, Department of Computer Science Engineering
Indraprastha University(New Delhi)
Textbook Companion: Programming in C

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