Textbook Companions (TBC) for Academics

The Textbooks Companions make a huge repository of solved examples coded using Python, available for most Science and Engineering domains. They will help you enhance and attain an in-depth knowledge of the subject. They will enable you to understand the fundamental concepts in your syllabi, through a practical approach. One can freely download, modify, experiment with this code to strengthen their coding skills.

Click on the link to access all the available Textbook Companions.

To select the desired Textbook Companion:

  1. Select the desired engineering domain from “Select a category” drop down list.
  2. List of books available under the selected category will be displayed.
  3. Click on the title of a book that you would like to explore.
  4. Click on the chapter names displayed to access the program/code.
  5. You can use this code either on the iPython notebook interface or by downloading locally in your system.

Additional Search features:

  1. You can also search for your desired book, code, functions, examples, etc. at this link

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